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Top 5 Common Ordinance Violations In Pasco County Florida



County ordinances can often be some of the most difficult local laws to adequately follow. For starters, they are particular to the county they are passed in. One incorporation can have a law against something and it may be perfectly legal in another. This creates a lot of confusion for residents and those passing through alike. Add in the fact that these ordinances are much easier to change than state or federal law, and it's an environment ripe for accidental law-breakage. 
Most individuals in Pasco County don't mean to break the law. That being said, a number of people routinely break certain ordinances. With better public education, the residents can understand what these laws are so that they don't accidentally break another.


Commercial Use of Right-of-Way

Commercial usage of right away is when an individual and a motorist exchange items alongside a public road or intersection, often for the monetary benefit of at least one party. This is illegal in Pasco County. People can picket, advertise, and spin signs along public roads, but when something physical is exchanged between a motorist and someone on the street it becomes illegal. Meaning vendors personally distributing newspapers or squeegeeing cars (as an example) are prohibited.


Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping can be easily defined as littering, but it is also a bit more than that. Littering is often connoted to mean dumping something on the side of the road while driving. However, illegal dumping refers to this and the action of dumping items into lakes, wooded areas, and other non-proper trash receptacles without a permit. When tried for illegal dumping, the burden of proving that the individual had permission to dump at that location understandably falls on the person themselves.


Inoperative/ Unlicensed Vehicles

Unlicensed vehicles here don't refer to automobiles on the road without a tag or permit. This law actually refers to those individuals who leave vehicles untagged and abandoned. This can either be in a public place or on a private residence. Inoperative vehicles cannot just be left outside for the element to dictate what happens as it can often prove to be a road hazard.


Noise Violations

In order to cut back on noise pollution, Pasco county has enacted a law mandating that certain noises are prohibited at certain times of the day. This is ensure that individuals aren't acting as a public nuisance. For industrial noise, it can not exceed 72 decibels. For commercial noise, that drops down to 66.


Overgrown Grass

Aesthetics are extremely important to residents of Pasco county. Because of this, there is an ordinance in place mandating that residential areas cannot have grass exceeding 12 inches high. Nor can they have decaying plant matter visible or an unsecured swimming pool. 



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